Both my kids have attended Carla’s art classes to help them prepare work for art scholarships and also GSCE portfolios. They have both thoroughly loved the experience and hugely benefited.

Carla manages to somehow effortlessly create a relaxing yet productive, creative atmosphere and both my kids have genuinely enjoyed spending time there and have produced such wonderful and diverse pieces of work that have always ‘wowed’ me at pick up and that they are so proud of.

Carla has a kind, calm and inspiring presence and works so well with kids of all ages to help them create art work that is in tune with their interests as well as helping them discover new styles and techniques.

Her passion for art and teaching shines through at every turn. Although it can sometimes be difficult to mobilise teens to attend extra lessons I know my two would happily sign up!

I would recommend Carla without question, to any child or adult wishing to develop their art skills. She is one in a million!

Jo Goodchild, Parent Twickenham Preparatory School