‘It is with great sadness that we will say goodbye given the fabulous contribution you have made to life at school and in so many ways. Your incredible creativity and passion for art and design is evident every day through the enthusiasm and enjoyment that the children show in their work. In particular, I am always struck by the variety and sophistication of the projects that you come up with, meaning that every child can find success and a distinct sense of satisfaction. During COVID the art programme was enormously successful too, showing your adaptability and how there are no boundaries to your creative thinking!’


Oliver Barrett – Headteacher, Twickenham Preparatory School.

Both my kids have attended Carla’s art classes to help them prepare work for art scholarships and also GSCE portfolios. They have both thoroughly loved the experience and hugely benefited.

Carla manages to somehow effortlessly create a relaxing yet productive, creative atmosphere and both my kids have genuinely enjoyed spending time there and have produced such wonderful and diverse pieces of work that have always ‘wowed’ me at pick up and that they are so proud of.

Carla has a kind, calm and inspiring presence and works so well with kids of all ages to help them create art work that is in tune with their interests as well as helping them discover new styles and techniques.

Her passion for art and teaching shines through at every turn. Although it can sometimes be difficult to mobilise teens to attend extra lessons I know my two would happily sign up!

I would recommend Carla without question, to any child or adult wishing to develop their art skills. She is one in a million!


Jo Goodchild, Parent Twickenham Preparatory School



‘My daughter loved coming  to Carla’s classes to help her prepare for her art scholarship. Carla’s love for art and teaching are clear to see. There was always a calm, easy atmosphere and a clear plan with much encouragement to experiment with ideas and media that resulted in some amazing, original artworks. It is a gift to be able to inspire students with enthusiasm, passion and encouragement and to be able to guide students gently to find their own voices, tones and styles. When you add to this the skills she can impart from her own extensive knowledge as a very talented artist herself, then you really have something special. We would very much recommend Carla to anyone seeking a special art teacher who can not only develop and nuture talent but also a love of art’


Sam Lambert – Parent, Twickenham Preparatory School

‘Both of our children achieved art scholarships for their senior school placements under Carla’s sensitive direction. Carla is an immensely talented artist. This is an important consideration for a great teacher, but what Carla possess, and is infinitely more valuable, if this is your consideration, is that she is both equipped with gentle spirit whilst having the fortitude and wisdom to steer creative younglings in a manner that grants them the bandwidth to allow their individual ideas to blossom to their full  and most brilliant intent. As a creative myself I could not endorse Carla more fully.’
Lindi Reynolds-Boulanger of Lindi Reynolds & Co

‘Thank you so much for helping Arielle to discover her artistic flair. It has completely transformed her life. You have given here a focus and allowed her to feel a confidence in school that was lacking for so many years. Your kindness and caring manner whilst supporting her has been amazing. We honestly can’t thank you enough for including her in the art scholarship programme, it has been the highlight of her 5 years at TPS’

Renee Lloyd – Parent, Twickenham Preparatory School.